Coil Tattoo Machines For Sale

Tattoo machines, also referred to as tattoo guns are used to create and apply tattoos. Before the invention of these machines, tattooing was done by hand. Tattoo machines have introduced dramatic speed and precision in creating and applying stylish and beautiful pieces of body art that a human hand cannot match.

Original tattoo machines used simple electric alternating current to apply tattoos. Today, these machines have undergone tremendous transformation to incorporate modern technology. Today, tattoo machines are widely used in parlors around the world.

Tattoo machines present a state-of-the-art and modern way to apply tattoos. These machines are available in leading online stores at reasonable prices.

There are three major types of tattoo machines- Coil, Rotary and Pneumatic

Coil tattoo machines

Coil tattoo machines use electromagnetic technology to apply tattoos on the human skin. Unlike rotary machines, these machines are more advanced and modern. Good examples of coil machines are the liner machine and the shader. A liner is used to draw outlines while the shader fills in the color of a tattoo.

How does coil tattoo machines work?

In a cyclical manner, an electromagnetic current creates and breaks a circuit that subsequently moves the needles upwards and downwards to deposit tattooing ink into the dermis.

When the coils of the machine are charged, an electromagnetic current is created which pulls the tattoo machine's metal armature bar downwards . The downward motion breaks the circuit previously created between the machine's contact screw and front spring touching the neighboring contact screw. This collapses the electromagnetic field prompting the metal armature bar to spring back towards the contact screw to re-establish the electromagnetic field. The needles retract back into the tattoo tube , and the cycle begins again all over again .


There are coil machines with single coils, double coil, and others with triple coils. Double coil machines are preferred by most tattoo artists.

When acquiring a tattoo machine, its important to consider the kind of metal its made of. For tattoo machines to last longer , they should be made of top quality metal such as iron, copper, or brass. Tattoo machines made out of these metals don't break easily.

Before making a decision to purchase a tattoo machine, its a good idea to complete a professional apprenticeship in a licensed tattoo shop. Using tattoo machines without the right training poses many risksincluding injury and infections.

Tattoo machines help artists to create a sterile application process for tattoos. For safe and correct use of these machines, one must undergo intensive training to guarantee a safe and healthy tattoo application process.